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South ahoy!

South ahoy!
After sampling the desi snacking joints of Connaught Place and Kamla Nagar in Central and North Delhi it's time to move a south and get to know some eateries in the popular market of Lajpat Nagar that have been crowd favourites for ages and we quite recommend them too.

Lajpath market, unlike other conventional shopping centers, offer almost everything for everybody – from street-side stalls selling clothes, foot-wear, accessories, bags, books, household items and more to up-market air-conditioned multi-level multi-brand outlets which cater to all the needs and wants of Delhiites of all classes and tastes.

A brief in-sight into some of the more popular eating outlets in Lajpat Nagar markets is given below to help make your next visit there more 'tasteful':
GOLDEN FIESTA : This fast food shop in the Central Market, opened in 1981, is allegedly one of the first in Delhi to introduce standard Chinese fast-foods like Chow mien, Spring-rolls, etc.

Apart from these Chinese staples, the outlet serves a wide range of soft drinks, ice creams and desi fast-foods like Gol-gappas and Aaloo Tikki. For the sake of variety and being a little health-conscious too, one can also order a freshly made foot long sandwiches.

YADAV JI KE RAAM LADDO: For more than 25 years, shoppers have enjoyed the truly desi treat of ‘Ram Laddoos’ or ‘Moong Dal ke Laddoo’ from a humble push-cart (rehdi). The popular stall is currently run by Yadav ji (who else?) who is continuing his father’s legacy.

At Rs. 30/- a plate the little fried treats made basically of ‘moong dal’ are an ideal chatpata snack any time of the day.

BABA CHAAT BHANDHAR: Next to Yadav Ji’s stall, Baba Chaat Bhandhar in Lajpat Nagar’s Central Market is well known for delicious Aaloo ki chaat, Tikki and Gol-gappas –all priced in range of Rs. 30/- to Rs. 40/-.

These humble yet popular road-side street food eateries are spicing up the lives of shop-owners and visitors in the market for nearly 35 years now.

AUNTY MOMO’S : Since 1989, a little stall, Momo’s Corner or more popularly known as Aunty’s Momos, has been seving the Chinese steamed treats to those less inclined towards our traditional fried snacks. As per legend the stall was started by a lady and hence the name Aunty’s Momos. You can ask anyone in or around the Lajpat Nagar market or anyone who frequents this area about the local more popular snacking joints and Aunty’s Momos is one of the first names you will be recommended.

ASHOK TEA STALL: This small shop, located at entrance of Central Market, contrary to its name serves one of the best chilled lemon ‘masala’ drink to beat Delhi’s unbearable hot weather and in winter you try their specialty masala tea under 30-50rs.
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