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‘Sorcery is deep rooted in Africa’

Sorcery is deep-rooted in the African society and making a film about it will help a little in making a change though it may take generations to get rid of it, said Christine Francois, well-known director of the film The Secret of the Ant Children which was screened at the International Film Festival of India 2012.

The Secret of the Ant Children is both an account of maternal devotion and a denunciation of ritual infanticide in Africa. ‘In Africa, there is no such thing as abortion and a deformed baby — irrespective whether it is a boy or girl — is considered a demon or spirit,’ Francois told Millennium Post
on Thursday.

She added that since there are very few theatres in Benin, she would be making about 5,000 DVDs of her film The Secret of the Ant Children in the local language and distribute it there.

When asked if her film will bring about a change in Benin and Africa, Francois said: ‘It would take a long time to change the society there, as sorcery is deep-rooted and it would take  generations to eradicate it.

‘While my purpose was to talk about the taboo topic, my main motivation was to give a lesson. We adopt a baby but don’t know anything about the background of the child. This film deals with the complexity and weaving of two cultures. It is also important for the child to know its origins,’ she added.
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