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Soon, you can fly to your office

Sick of traffic jams while getting to office? You can now fly to your work place James Bond-style as a businessman in the UK does in his very own jet pack.

Businessman Jeremy Paxton started doing his treks to the office on an amazing water-powered jet pack that appears to owe more to the technology of James Bond and Buzz Lightyear than the Clapham omnibus.

Instead of getting the car out of the garage or heading to the bus stop, he straps on the device, which uses water pressure to lift him up to 30ft in the air and propel him along horizontally at speeds of up to 25mph, the Daily Mail reported.

He said the 40-mile journey from his riverside boathouse home in Marpledurham near Reading to his office at the Lower Mill Estate in the Cotswolds is possible because the River Thames and waterways run direct between the two.

Though he does have to walk the last three minutes to his office.

Paxton, 51, has also been asked to be the UK’s ‘test pilot’ and to compile a ‘Pilot User Guide’ for other would-be customers.

But the fun comes at a price.

The jet pack, which is imported from Germany where it is made under license from American company JetLev, will set you back a cool £115,000, enough to buy an Aston Martin V8 Vantage for 007 and still have change for a few gadgets.

The jet pack is not a rocket. Instead it operates on the same principle as a giant pump by generating huge amounts of water pressure to provide a thrust similar to that of a fireman’s hose.

Inspired by the jet pack used in the opening scenes of Thunderball, the Jetlev is the brainchild of Raymond Li, a Chinese-born Canadian.


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