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Soon, synchronised traffic signals to be introduced for avoiding snarls

In a unique move for faster traffic movement the city traffic police have taken up a step to synchronise traffic signals at all the intersections based on the volume of traffic flowing through the respective area at a particular time.

The system will help in easy flow of vehicles resulting to a reduction in time taken at present to reach one point to another in the city. The time needed to travel between two points will get reduced to half compared to that of the present situation with the implementation of the system, traffic sergeants expect.

A set of officers of the traffic department, who are experts in making plans for a better traffic movement, have been given the task to implement the system. Officers in the team are at present busy preparing a data that will contain the count of vehicles passing an intersection at different time. The officers are also noting down the direction in which load of traffic is more.

Based on the data on the count of vehicles, timing of traffic signals which fall on the same route will be set accordingly.

“It will be synchronised in such a way that a vehicle does not have to get stuck at the next crossing after it passes a particular traffic signal when it turns green. The signal at the next crossing will also turn green when the vehicle will reach there. Likewise all the signal on the stretch of the road will turn green simultaneously. The task is difficult. But it can be done using the devices available at present. Just we need to set the timing of it to turn green or red accordingly” said an officer posted at the traffic control room.

At present each and every traffic signals are being operated by the constables posted at the intersections. “So there is uncertainty whether you will get the next signal green or have to get stuck as the signal is red. 

This is how the travelling time goes up. Once the traffic signals are synchronised a vehicle will easily pass through all the signals if it gets one signal green and the time to reach from one point to another will be reduced,” the officer said adding that at present it takes 29 to 30 minutes to reach from Metrolpolitan to AJC Bose Road via Parama Island. 

Once the new system is in place it will take only 15 to 16 minutes. 

Though an option will be kept to operate the signals manually, but instructions will be given to the on-duty traffic constables not to use it.

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