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Soon, Gzb to impose spot fine on anybody littering

Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation is coming up with a policy to slap on the spot fine on littering garbage in the satellite city. 

The policy proposal which will make a provision of fine from household to street vendors to star category hotels is being put for public comments. After deliberations, the policy will be implemented in New Year. 

As per the proposed policy, being prepared to implement Swachh Bharat Mission in letter and spirit, the fine will range from Rs 100 to 2,500. 

The municipal waste from houses, shops, restaurants, hotels and industries if found openly dumped will be penalised Rs 100, 250, 400, 500 and 1,000 respectively according to the amount of the garbage and location on which it has been dumped. 

Dumping waste in sewer lines and throwing building material on roads will call a Rs 1,000 fine while if anyone found mounting waste on any government land will be slapped with a heavier fine of Rs 2,500. 

Additional Municipal Commissioner, D K Sinha said: “We have formed stringent guidelines and decided to impose heavy fine on those who dump garbage on the roads. 

“The policy will be published to the people for consideration. After amending the needful changes, the 
policy will be strictly implemented in the region.” He further informed that the possible date of implementation of the policy would be in January 2017. 

The ‘Spot Fine Policy’ which the officers say aims to implement Swachh Bharat Mission would be helpful in managing solid waste and problems generated by garbage littering in the city. 

It will include each and every establishment which generates solid waste in the city. The policy will include all people from chaiwalas to hospitals, hotels, houses etc. The policy will also impose a fine on open excretion by pets. The policy is likely to get implemented by January 2017.
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