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Soon, Delhi cops will monitor provocative web content

Soon, Delhi cops will monitor  provocative web content
Delhi Police have invited the tender for the much awaited master plan which will be known as the ‘Open Source Intelligent Solution’ (OSINT) to monitor the social sites and other internet activities. 

It will provide actionable intelligence to the police by collecting and analsying content available on web in the public domains. The system will monitor social media, blogs and other public forums for heated, violent or deleterious discussions/ sentiments which may lead to any insurgency or riot-like situations.

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) and Delhi Police will be the stakeholders of this project. MHA will fund and keep the overall supervision in this project which will be helpful for the institutional strengthening of the law enforcement department of Delhi. 

It can replicate the OSINT project in other states depending on the outcomes of the project. On the other hand, Delhi Police will play a role of project implementation and management. OSINT will help the police to search and obtain information for actionable intelligence, analytical tools for investigation and other operational activities.

Each stakeholder has a unique role and responsibility regarding the project. The project is envisioned to provide a number of benefits to the department. It will be responsible for execution, management and utilization of services for citizens too. 

It will also search identified sources on internet for any person, organisation or any other entity deemed vital for investigation purposes. The system will help for criminal profiling of suspect(s) and track online activities from scattered public open source data. It will also identify the network of criminal/ suspect by linking his associates from various communication channels on the web.

With the adoption of cutting edge technology Delhi Police, which is considered to be one of the most technologically advanced law enforcement agency in India, will get an additional edge over the cyber criminals.

The OSINT tool will be able to gather and analyse huge amount of data which is publicly available on the internet. It should support data feed from various sources such as news, social network, blogs, databases and FTP servers among others. The tool will be able to analyse various issues pertinent to law enforcement and would facilitate analytics and intelligence capabilities broadly.

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