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Sonu Nigam, Bickram Ghosh unite for Sooper se Ooper

Singer Sonu Nigam and percussionist Bickram Ghosh have joined hands to create the music for the upcoming film -Sooper se Ooper. The duo have directed the music for six tracks in the film - Gunn Gunn Guntar, Behka Behka, Bajan De Dhol, Whacky Zindabad, Introducing Gul and Sapna Mera. The lyrics of the songs are by Sanjeev Tiwari (except for Introducing Gul; the lyrics in that song are by Sonu Nigam and Shabbir Ahmed). Sonu Nigam has sung for the movie as well lending his voice to Sapna Mera. The songs have a very strong earthy and desi feel to it mixed with the traditional sounds from Rajasthan.

While we wait for the movie - here's some lowdown on the director. Shekhar Ghosh's his complete name is Mriganka Shekhar Ghosh but many people find it difficult to pronounce Mriganka so he switched to Shekhar Ghosh for ease. But he is widely known as Kitu Ghosh.

He is a graduate from Delhi University and NIIT. He was preparing for UPSC when Shashanka Ghosh, his elder brother, who is an icon of MTV and Channel V and story writer and director of Waisa Bhi Hota hai and Quick Gun Murugan convinced Kitu to get out of the ‘regular’ path. In 1993 he switched over to a music channel went to Hong Kong and joined Star Plus. Thereafter he returned to India to work for some time with Antham Advertisement company till he switched over to Star Plus India and then Channel V. In this period he also won 12 Asian Pro max Award for various in-house film productions. Sooper se Ooper is Kitu's baby as he has written and directed the movie that assures to be a complete laugh riot. Sooper se Ooper is set for a 25 October release.
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