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Sonia addresses meeting at Sujapur

 M Post Bureau |  2016-04-14 00:39:54.0  |  Sujapur

Sonia addresses meeting at Sujapur

Congress chairperson Sonia Gandhi on Wednesday pulled up BJP and Trinamool Congress for robbing the money of the common people.

She was addressing a rally in favour of the Congress candidates on Wednesday afternoon. The area, a Congress stronghold was once under the control of ABA Ghani Khan Chowdhury.  His brother AHA Khan Chowdhury and niece Masum Noor are both MPs from Malda. Gandhi said while Mamata Banerjee government had allowed the Sarada group to cheat people, Modi government had allowed a person who had cheated banks to leave the country. It is because of Modi government, investigation against Sarada multi crore scam was not properly investigated. She said both Modi and Mamata had failed to meet the aspirations of poor people. Modi by reducing the interest rates has affected the poor people and senior citizens and Banerjee did not take any scheme to uplift the poor. “Both Modi and Mamata have betrayed common people,” she said. Criticising Mamata Banerjee she said the government had failed to give protection to women and crime against women in the state is on the rise. “Though West Bengal has a woman Chief Minister, crime against women is on the rise and this is most unfortunate that the Chief Minister has failed to give them protection.”

She said if Congress was voted to power then the interest of poor people would be looked after properly. Interestingly, during her speech she did not mention CPI(M)’s name even for once and urged people to vote for Congress candidates. Though CPI(M) leaders attended the meeting they were not invited to share the dais.

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