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Sonia accuses govt of muzzling voice of Oppn, civil society, students

Sonia accuses govt of muzzling voice of Oppn, civil society, students
Ahead of the Budget Session, Congress president Sonia Gandhi has hit out at the government. She lambasted the government and accusing it of muzzling the voice of the Opposition, civil society and students.

“The government seems to be hell-bent on destroying the spirit of inquiry, questioning, debate and dissent,” she said. 

The Congress Working Committee (CWC) passed a resolution, accusing the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) of targetting educational institutions to impose its ideology in universities and colleges.

She accused the Narendra Modi government of having “lost all sense of balance” and undermining democratic norms over the JNU row, making it clear that Congress will take up the issue aggressively along with like-minded parties in the Budget session of Parliament beginning on Tuesday.

“The ruling establishment seems to have lost all sense of balance, and of proportion. It appears determined to undermine all democratic norms. It seems hell-bent to destroy the spirit of inquiry, the spirit of questioning, the spirit of debate and dissent,” she said.

“First, it muzzled our voice in the Lok Sabha. Then, it silenced civil society activists and organisations. Now, is the turn of universities,” she said.

In a statement, the CWC meeting, which was attended by party vice-president Rahul Gandhi and former PM Manmohan Singh, lamented that Constitutional values and democratic norms are under “systematic assault”.

Gandhi said contrary to what the government has been saying, Congress wants to make it clear once and for all that it wants Parliament to function, to legislate.
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