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‘Sometimes a good cry is the best medicine’

‘Sometimes a good cry is the best medicine’
My father lives abroad and off late one of my uncle has informed my mother that my father is having an affair there! My mother is shattered and I’m in 2nd year college, not sure what to do.
Name not given

Don’t react this way now. This has come to you’ll through someone and I sincerely request you both to be a bit patient. If someway your mother and you can visit him, try that. Such sensitive discussions or situations cannot be handled from a distance. Be cool and have faith. Whatever will happen, happens for the best.

My wife moved out of home with my daughter. She is six years old and my lifeline. I can’t live without my daughter. How can I bring them back?
Kishan Rathi, Jaipur

I wouldn’t be able to comment or guide much as I have no understanding of the situation that led to this. But, one thing for sure – if you really want her back, you will do anything and everything to sort this mess. Whatever is the problem, solve it and assure your wife of a 
better tomorrow. Don’t leave any stone unturned to win your family back. The time is rough, pray and work hard to solve this.

My sex life is completely over since my wife got too busy with my children’s studies etc. I’m too upset and feel that I might land up betraying my wife. Would that be a crime?

Crime? Well, that is too strong a word and is completely based on your perception. I understand how bad your situation is. Why don’t you force her to take a holiday or a weekend break with you? If she is avoiding this, just warn her that you will go and explore the vacation offer that one of your ex girlfriend was indicating! Jealousy and insecurity will heal your situation and might act as a catalyst in your sex life. Good luck!

When I’m angry I tend to break things. How can I control my anger?
Sneha, New Delhi

At home, next time, just go and stand beneath the head shower. The cold water will cool you off for sure. Try counting 100 backwards as that too acts as an anger suppressant. Shout, and cry loudly on a pillow. I’m sure a little effort from you will help cure the anger. Once you have decided, you will find a solution. Best wishes...

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