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Something’s foul in the high skies

Aviation disasters are occurring at a rate beyond logical comprehension. After the two Malaysian Airlines catastrophes in four months, we have had two back to back plane crashes on 23 and 24 July, downing a TransAsia Airways and an Air Algerie aircraft, killing, injuring passengers onboard.

Whether it’s electromagnetic fluctuations causing atmospheric storms or global warming causing climate change resulting in increased frequency of severe hurricanes, typhoons, cyclones that is not only affecting air travel but turning into a potentially life-threatening zone, is exactly the question that needs to be asked at this point. What exactly has pushed up the number of aviation accidents in recent years, particularly in 2014, which has already seen more major civilian airplane crashes than ever and a mysterious disappearance to boot? While the vanishing of MH370 still remains unexplained, MH17 became a ‘collateral damage’ in a civil war fought over ownership rights to fuel and natural resources in eastern Ukraine and Black Sea bed.

As more such pockets of unrest mushroom all over the world, we will witness escalating violence on ground, in air and water, thereby precipitating a very palpable hazard for global air and surface transport. However, that is not the entire story. What we are collectively experiencing is the natural world rejecting and responding to decades of industrial and mechanical violation of Earth by human beings.

Our air, water and soil are so polluted that a dip in even River Ganga is enough to set of carcinogenic triggers in the human and animal body. Our atmosphere and near-Earth regions are littered with debris from broken, ageing satellites, rockets and other space junk items. Our planes are unable to tackle electromagnetic disturbances in the high-skies either because they are coming thick and fast. Even though sections of the global scientific fraternity have been diligently warning us about the potential worldwide disaster that are lying in wait if we do not heed to the near and present threats, the governments of big Western and Eastern countries are playing lame ducks and doing nothing about it. Civil aviation globally is only the latest casualty of a long innings of environmental and humanitarian brutality that has been wielded for two centuries now.
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