Some unanswered questions

Why was Jayalalithaa a patient suffering from heart and lung problems given a high protein diet by Apollo Hospital, especially as her kidneys had also packed up earlier? Her close companion Sasikala was apparently not satisfied with her treatment and wanted her to be shifted to AIIMS once she felt better.  

Apollo doctors treating the late Tamil Nadu chief minister kept insisting that she was fine. Repeated medical bulletins even on the day she suffered a cardiac arrest seemed to suggest everything was fine and that Jaya was on the road to recovery. 

If she was fine why was she kept in the hospital where she could easily contract an infection? What triggered the cardiac arrest suddenly on Sunday? 

Why did AIIMS doctors arrive the day after her cardiac arrest? What was the disease she was suffering from, and why was no second opinion sought? 

These are some questions that Apollo authorities need to answer. Apollo’s Pratap Reddy should release Jayalalithaa’s medical records to set the record straight.


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