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‘Some parties paint Modi as anti-Muslim’

Yoga guru Baba Ramdev on Sunday attacked the political parties for projecting Narendra Modi as an ‘enemy’ of Muslims and claimed that under his leadership both majority and minority communities will progress.

‘Some political parties, which have been using Muslims as a vote-bank, are trying to confuse the community by projecting him (Modi) as their enemy. These parties are spreading the word that Muslims will face injustice (if Modi becomes the Prime Minister),’ Ramdev told reporters without giving names of the parties here.

The Yoga guru, who has extended his conditional support to the BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate, said that Modi has leadership qualities and his intention was to develop this country.

‘That’s why if Modiji becomes Prime Minister, Muslims will move forward along with their Hindu brethren. Those parties which have been using Muslims as vote-bank will not succeed in their propaganda this time,’ he said.

Muslims should not be viewed with suspicion. What they need is employment, right to live with honour and dignity and good education and this can happen only if India has better universities than Europe and US, Ramdev said.

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