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Solitude and Serenity

Solitude and Serenity
It was the celebration of Solitude and Serenity in our lives, although a human is bound to the society he lives in, he has a side only to his own, the solitude where he finds serenity.

Sumit Sehgal who is Butterfly and The Bee’s literati wizard started the evening along with Yaseen Anwer, founder of Poets Corner group by quoting that encouragement, dedication and zeal are the hallmarks that decides the success of a team, as a team.

Art is a wandering form that has many stoppages and destinations, it never ends evolving. And, with times where everything is commercialised, Art is too, not left uninfluenced. Where writing is commercialised, the ardent need of quality literature endeavors and its recourse comes into being.

Poets Corner is a group of enthusiastic and prolific poets across the country and beyond, given chance to more than 120 new and previously unpublished poets from no less than 19 countries together for the cause of reviving poetry. 

The evening saw four book releases. Storm to Serenity by Vandana Arora was released by Poet Dolly Singh. The Bliss of Solitude by Farah Siddiqui was released by Poet Meenakshi Singh; Kindle the Spirit by Kamlesh Acharya was released by best-selling author and poet Sujata Parashar and Anthology: Confessions of a Heartan affair with Words was released by poets.
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