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Soli Sorabjee gives AK Ganguly ‘benefit of doubt’

Soli Sorabjee, former Attorney General of India, said that former Supreme Court judge, Justice AK Ganguly, facing allegations of sexual harassment by a law intern, need not resign from his current position as chairmanship of West Bengal Human Rights Commission as it would set a ‘dangerous precedent’.

‘No. I don’t think so. Because he says these allegations are baseless. Why should he? We are in the realm of accusations’, said Sorabjee when asked whether Justice (retired) Ganguly should resign from the post of WBHRC chairman in the wake of allegations.

Speaking in a television programme The Devil’s Advocate, he said, ‘Suppose it transpires that these allegations were unfounded....Suppose that happens, should he resign now as chairman of the Human Rights Commission?

‘If your logic is accepted, anyone in important position must resign when an allegation is made, which the man denies. I can understand admission...yes, sorry I did that. Dangerous precedent,’ said Sorabjee when asked whether he was giving Justice Ganguly the benefit of doubt.

Reacting to another query about Justice Ganguly’s continuation in the post, Sorabjee said, ‘If he says that I deny those allegations. In a court of law, very often a case which seems a winning case, an open and shut case, turns out to be (different) later’.
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