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The show is the visual representation of the experiences, feelings and understanding of the social structure of the communities around Shweta and the ways she chooses to deal with it, through performances, community art projects, and different practices around which she could get sustainable answers. It comprises of stainless steel installations, chastity belts, videos of her performances and prints.

Another section of the show brings to light the socially relevant and sensitive issue of open defecation. The artist has been exploring the subject for the last one year in Paradsinga village, M.P. through community art projects and art residencies. In Paradsinga a large number of people defecate in the open, in vulnerable situations exposing them to pig bites. This section will hold the stories of such women and their prints in Bharat Mata attire. The artist hopes to acquire the funds required through her artworks in order to build public toilets in the village.

Shweta Bhattad is a constantly evolving artist whose works are primarily conceptual. Her mediums of expression are sinuously derived from the concept and sources of its inspiration as the artist emphasizes on ‘the concept as the arbiter of mediums’. Shweta approaches the viewer as a part/subject of the whole act of every performance she makes.

: On till Feb 27
Where: Gallery Latitude 28, Lado Sarai
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