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‘Society observes nature as unnatural’

‘Society observes nature as unnatural’
Piyush Mishra- thespian, Bollywood actor, lyricist, music director, singer and scriptwriter, visited the national Capital to inaugurate Delhi International Queer Theatre and Film Festival (DIQTFF) at NCUI Auditorium. The festival aims to legalise issues like gender equality, female  circumcision, menstruation, safe abortion, HIV AIDS and homosexuality. 

Mishra shares his journey of becoming an actor, who he draws his inspiration from and talks about the aforementioned cause in an interview with Millennium Post. 

How did you venture into Bollywood?
Although I was raised in Gwalior, my higher education brought me to Delhi where I completed my graduation from National School of Drama (NSD) in 1986 and thereafter started a career in Hindi theatre. Eventually, I shifted to Mumbai in 2002 and started doing some Hindi films. And this is the story of the beginning of my career in the Bollywood industry.   

Whom do you draw your inspiration from in this profession?
I have admired the work of many actors. Our industry is blessed with multi-talented personalities. But, I draw my true inspiration from the Supreme Power – the divinity within all of us. What I am today is just because of Him.

If not an actor, which career would you have chosen?
Since the time I joined theatre, I made my mind to be a film actor. Else, I would have gotten drunk and left this world. (giggles)

Who do you consider the most revered person in Indian cinema?
I truly like and love the people around me. I have also enjoyed working with them. But, I have always felt deep reverence for the Supreme Being or the spirit who I worship every single day.

What are your thoughts about DIQTFF?
I think DIQTFF is an out-of-the-box event and conveys a very strong social message that all are equal and deserve equal rights – be it homosexuals or heterosexuals. I see no difference in the communities. They all have showered me with huge respect, love and affection that I receive from anywhere else. They all are extremely kind. Being heterosexual or homosexual is no crime. If there was something unnatural, nature would not have allowed its existence. But the irony is that the society observes nature as unnatural.
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