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Soccer- the next ‘Super’

This calendar year has been quite a roller coaster ride for India, be it in terms of politics or economics, with difficult situations, new developments and the list goes on. Talking in terms of sports, while Kabaddi touched higher levels of success, another highlight was the second edition of the Indian Super League. Even though the media had decided to highlight the league for all the wrong reasons, one shouldn’t take away the sheer quality of passion and flair for the game that was witnessed in the three months of the tournament.

 The last season finished with brilliant teams of Goa and Chennai fighting it out for the ISL trophy. Upon its conclusion, one can only say that things have just begun to heat up. The vibrant and energetic state of Goa, which lives and breathes football, served as the perfect venue for the ISL final and its build up. The ever pumped up spirit of Goa created a spur of celebration for the game itself rather than the outcome. Even though with some unnecessary elements, such as highlighting Nita Ambani as the ‘first lady of football’, the ISL remained the sole source of attraction and attention in this edition.

The inclusion of fresh Indian faces, with one new team making it to the semi-finals, and seasoned players of the game added to the finesse that the teams showcased. The players displayed incredible sharpness, pace, agility and cohesion this time around.  With an impressive increase in the passing rate, this season also saw an extraordinary rise in the number of goals scored from 129 in the last edition to 186 in this one. A game is incomplete without the enthusiastic presence of the spectators. This year saw a phenomenal rise in their numbers with an average of over 52,000 spectators throughout the season.  The second season came to a close on a high, with fans celebrating the success of the Indian Super League on the social media as the teams gear up for the third edition of ISL, 2016.
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