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Soaring cases of big cats’ poaching worry Uttarakhand

Ironically, the famous Project Tiger in 1973 was initiated from this park for the conservation of tiger when it was discovered that their number was falling at an alarming rate.

Recently, the STF and local police arrested many poachers with carcass in the last few months, but many are still at large. According to wildlife writers, trafficking of tiger parts are in great demand in Chinese and Korean medicinal market.

According to forest officials, until we provide sincere security measures and implementation of strict rules to the culprits, the numbers of endangered species is bound to fall in the coming years in the national park. Two years back, there were eleven cases of poaching of big cats, and in last year, there number rose to 25.  The areas of UP touching Corbett Park are not fully equipped to check and control poaching of wild animals and illegal wildlife traders are mushrooming in the area.
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