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So what it’s short!

So what it’s short!
This one was for those who love short films and documentaries. The one-day International Shorts and Movies Festival, which took place in the city on Tuesday, screened a series of international short films curated from all over the world, some of which were screened for the first time for the Indian audience.

Some of the films screened were Petite Flamme, a 15-minute French film directed by Leon Griseri; Sight, an 8-minute long Israeli film directed by Daniel Lazo and Eran May-raz; The Duel at Blood Creek from UK, all of 14 minutes directed by Leo Burton; Love at First Sight also from UK, of about 14 minutes and directed by Mark Playne.

The movies cut across different genres and narrated interesting stories. Petite Flamme was the story of a young woman. Cassandra, a 32-year-old, confronts a painful challenge. Weeks before her wedding, she mourns the first man of her life. She can’t sleep and is haunted by demons from the past, deep memories within sublime dreams. Will she give up on the best day of her life, driven by the black storm of a unique night? That is what the movie unraveled.

Sight, in an incredibly well thought out manner, dealt with the possibilities and dangers of augmented reality. It is technological interface for one’s eyes — a networked platform that draws info from one’s surroundings — allowing for highly integrated gamification of everyday life. We follow one individual’s daily routine utilising technology, ending the evening with a first date. Does the constant influx of information help or hurt his chances of human connection? And does the technology pose unseen risks? These are some of the questions the movie dawns upon.

The comedy, The Duel at Blood Creek, is about a duel that takes place over a matter of honour. As the nobleman awaits his opponent, another man arrives to also settle a matter of honour with another man. The two begin to squabble over who has the right to duel at the location, and when their opponents show up, things get funnier from there and sets the plot rolling.

Love at First Sight is a  heart-warming story of a lonely young man’s increasingly creative attempts to attract the attention of the girl of his dreams. We say it is a good collection of movies for one day.
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