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So that’s how you k-pop delhi!

So that’s how you k-pop delhi!
Delhi outshined in the K-POP India 2014 Festival as Sparsh Bajpai and Urban Age Crew were declared as KPOP India Star in song and dance category, respectively.

Both the gold prize winners will now represent India in the K-POP Festivals, K-Pop World Festival 2014 which will be taking place in the month of October and Incheon Korea Music Wave 2014, which will be held on 17th September in Incheon Metropolitan City.

Urban Age Crew will now have to compete with winners from 15 selected countries in Incheon K-POP festival and Sparsh Bajpai will be nominated to participate and compete with winners from all over the world in K-POP World Festival to be held in Changwon, South Korea for the K-POP 2014 title.

The jury for the evening were - Nitin Mallik of Parikrama, Ham Sihoo (Sihoo) and Kwon Jaehwan (J-Heart) from N-Sonic band, Kim jin Eog, president of JU entertainment, Kim Kum-pyoung, Director of the Korean Cultural Centre and Byungsun Lee, Director of Korean Tourism organisation.

The event that witnessed over 3000 people featured live performances by the contestants and  an electrifying performance by K-POP sensation, N-Sonic.

Kim Kum-pyoung, Director, Korean Cultural Centre, stated, ‘This event truly shows that art  and culture has no boundaries and these can be a big contributory factor in strengthening bound between India and Korea. I am over whelmed by the enthusiasm shown by young Indians for K-POP 2014. I hope this gets bigger by each passing year.’
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