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So how do you like your wine?

So how do you like your wine?
Summer is here and so is the season of fresh and light food. The combination of salads, seafood and grilled items matched with a perfect wine is what people really enjoy. The Imperial is up to provide a respite to the people with the best of its wine selection with over 500 brands available and one better than the another.

There are crisp, lower-alcohol white wines which are antidotes to sweltering days and sultry nights and they complement such summer staples as salads and grilled fish. Yet summer is also a season for ribs and steaks on the grill which are served with robust red wines. Dry rosés are a happy medium between white and red wine and usually pair well with most dishes.

Hanuman Singh Rawat, Assistant Restaurant Manager, San Gimignano, The Imperial New Delhi, here suggests you some combinations that an add an extra flavour to your taste buds. Rawat says, ‘For Grills, The Imperial serves more mellow Merlot or an Italian Nebbiolo and for those who prefer their fruity hints. Cabernet if that’s your standard palate preference, will also give the meat a hand-up’.Adding more to it, he says, ‘If there is chicken, pork chops or fish served and you are set on a red wine, then a Merlot or Pinot Noir would be a safe bet. For white wine lovers - Chardonnay will perk up chicken and grilled fish (shellfish included). Sauvignon Blanc is also a star for pairing with grilled veggies, chicken, fish and an array of appetizers”.

 Salads are notorious for giving wines a run for their money, due in large part to the acidic vinegar-based dressings or the oil vinegar combinations used to heavily dress a salad.
In general, Sauvignon Blanc and Rose wines are your safest bets for the majority of the most popular salads. Pinot Grigio can also come to the rescue of several salad offerings, especially a chef's salad with egg, ham or bacon as the main protein components.

If you have to tackle a Caesar salad, consider a Chardonnay or perhaps a Prosecco.
For a salad topped with a creamy Ranch-style dressing, opt for a Chardonnay. Temperature is another important thing to be kept in mind while serving wine in summers. Make sure the reds are not too warm and whites not too cold which losses the fruits.
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