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Snag on Blue Line, maintenance on Violet hits Metro services

Technical snag on the Blue Line and maintenance work on the Violet Line slowed down Delhi Metro on Sunday, causing inconvenience to commuters.

Sunday brought some inconvenience and delays for commuters of the Delhi Metro on certain routes. Metro trains were running behind their schedules due to some technical snag in the operation of the services.

On usual days, the average waiting time between trains is around two to three minutes on the Violet Line.

On Sunday, the trains did not operate at all between 12 noon and 4 pm on one of the two lines while there were delays on the other line.

On Sunday, due to technical snags on the Blue Line, the trains stopped for longer than the average stoppage time at most of the stations between Rajiv Chowk and Noida City Centre. Announcements were made to calm the nerves of the travellers.

Delhi Metro informed the passengers that trains were running late due to some technical problems.

The fault arose at Yamuna Bank station on Blue Line when a track circuit dropped around 9.30 am, and resulted in the trains slowing down as the drivers were forced to switch to manual mode to control speed.

“The track circuit is responsible for maintaining a uniform speed of the trains on the track. When it dropped, the drivers had to manually drive the trains at a lower speed, which caused the gap in the frequency of trains,” said a Delhi Metro official.

“The fault was corrected within an hour and the trains’ frequency and speed was back to normal by 10.15 am,” said a Metro spokesperson.

The Delhi Metro had issued an advisory on Saturday that trains on Line 6 (from ITO to Escorts Mujesar) would operate on single side as the Delhi Metro would carry out some maintenance work between Badarpur Border and Mohan Estate stations on the Violet Line.

The services would be affected for four hours between 12 noon and 4 pm. The frequency of trains would be lower than the usual. Different schedules had been prepared for various stretches on the Violet Line, it said.
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