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Smoking not allowed on my sets: Vivek

 IANS |  2012-05-27 23:23:54.0  |  Mumbai

Smoking not allowed on my sets: Vivek

Vivek Oberoi not only stays away from tobacco, he also avoids passive smoking and says that when someone smokes on the movie sets, he leaves that place.

'There is absolutely no smoking allowed on my sets. If anyone smokes, I always leave the set and go out,' Vivek told reporters Friday at an event to celebrate the World No Tobacco Day, which is on 31 May. It was organised by Cancer Patients Aid Association (CPAA).

When reporters asked him what does he do when his co-stars smoke, he said that he doesn't enter their van. The 35-year-old, who has a decade-long association with the CPAA, said: 'I always try to help whatever good organisation, which is serving the cause of humanity selflessly. I have been with CPAA for 10 years now.'

Vivek, known for films like Company, Saathiya and Yuva, says his mother is his inspiration.

'She is my hero. She has been serving cancer patients since so many years now. She goes to hospitals, makes homemade food for the patients and talks to them,' he said.



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