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SMAC making life easy but needs infra strengthening

Information Technology adaptors have to “seriously think” about strengthening the basic IT infrastructure for adapting high-end services through Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC) applications, says an Indian-origin industry expert.

The basic IT infrastructure can be strengthened by adapting high-end services through Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC) applications, says an industry veteran.

“We have moved into unprecedented level of adapting fast pace technology apps and services but we seem to have fallen behind on ensure secured basic services,” said Deep Singhania, Senior Vice President, Global Head-Growth Strategies at Emerio Globesoft Pte Ltd, a unit of NTT Communications. 

The organisation is actively involved in addressing the issues related to SMAC. “There is an urgent need to relook at basics and go back to drawing board to ensure we are provisioning for security-enabled services,” Singhania told PTI. Singhania also referred to pilferage of sensitive data especially in the government and corporate domain. He noted renewed efforts by governments to gather data through mobile and social apps, storing data on clouds and doing analytics on this data to drive better decision making.

At the same time he was quick to point out the widespread leakage of classified information. In today’s technology-driven environment, every type of information is being stored on clouds, which is bringing an exceptionally high rate of efficiency while dealing with documents. “It is heartening to know that the man, the market and the governments are all working in this direction. But technologists will now have to ensure that basics of IT systems to be self-sufficient and security tight and stored information is safe,” Singhania said.

Singhania cited the example of mobile/cellular phone which has expanded exponentially from its basic telephone link to internet-based services covering most aspect of human life.

“This has happened through extensive IT development. But the capacity, speed and security elements are the areas that would take us back to the drawing board,” he said.
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