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Sleuths and Prejudice

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) seems to be making news for all the wrong reasons. Where it fails to conduct a proper investigation it resorts to malpractices. Questionable acts on part of the agency includes selective evidence from crime scenes and tampered weapons of murders. Its forensic techniques now comprise of pseudoscience and the CBI also seems to have developed permanent prejudice against individuals and organisations. Already playing its role as the Centre’s watchdog, it is actively lobbying for prosecuting all its accused without trial. This psychology of framing has been the driving-force behind the entire investigation. It flouts Clause 3 of the Freedom of Expression under Prohibition against self-incrimination says that the defendant is assumed to be not-guilty under the protection of the law, until the prosecution can substantiate required evidence against them.

Having failed to reach proper verdict in cases such as the Coal scam and the 2G spectrum, the CBI exerts pressure through moral policing of federal leaders. It is an object of terror and intimidation for states that dare oppose the Congress. Stalin paid for it and Mulayam and his son were close to getting a visit from the sleuths. The CBI also conversely provides a clean chit to people, notably individuals and party members with policies favorable to the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) agenda. A recent example is Vincient George. Oppurtunistic party leaders have converted public rage against the CBI into campaign agenda. Meanwhile has Modi gone on air publicly condemning the CBI and warning it to stay out of his way!

The recent Ishrat Jehan case where the CBI is probing the IB has its own conclusions. Already involved in administrative conflicts and dept rivalry, the CBI is redefining criminality to extract personal vengence, the law be damned. It is time to ask ourselves the question whether the CBI is returning to its roots of being the draconian agency it used to be in its colonial avatar. There is an immediate need to stop asking for CBI probes into issues but get the agency accouted for its activities in the first place. But then the question of the day would be who will scrutinise the CBI – another corrupt and autocratic organisation?

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