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Six killed in plane crash near Virginia airport

A small plane aborted its landing and crashed into trees on Friday at the edge of a northern Virginia airport, killing six people, state police said. Shocked witnesses on a train going by the crash site described the plane in flames and said it had been completely destroyed. The plane came to the end of the runway at the Shannon Airport near Fredericksburg and then pulled back up, flying to the end of the airport property, State Police Spokeswoman Corinne Geller said in an email. It struck the tree line, crashed and immediately caught fire. All six people killed were from out of state and their bodies will go to the chief medical examiner’s office in Richmond for positive identification, Geller said. Their names won’t be released until police have notified the next of kin. Tanya Aquino of Washington was on an Amtrak train to Richmond when the train stopped. A conductor first said there was a fire, then said there had been a plane crash. The train rode past the crash site and Aquino said she saw flames, smoke, several rescue vehicles and the remains of the plane.

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