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Six additional companies of Central Forces deployed in city

Some additional deployment of the Central Forces was made in the city on Sunday. The Election Commission (EC) has decided to deploy a total number of 10 companies of central forces in the city to conduct the election in a peaceful manner.

This year the city will witness more numbers of paramilitary forces than what it was during the last Assembly elections. Even before the polling dates were announced by the EC, paramilitary forces were deployed in various parts within the city.

According to sources in the Election Commission, around 4 companies of Central forces were earlier deployed in the city that started route march in the sensitive area as a part of the confidence building exercise of the voters.

There are some serious problems for the Kolkata police administration to arrange accommodation for the central forces as various school, colleges are still open. The senior officials of the city police had convened meeting to find a way out. As many of the schools and colleges across the city are still not closed a serious problem has immerged where to accommodate the central forces.

The central forces have currently been accommodated at a private college at Garia, the Glass and Ceramic Institute at Jadavpur and Watgung police station and Rabindra Bharati University in the Southern fringes of the city. But more number of central forces coming in it is really a problem to arrange accommodation for them.

It was learnt that the forces will be accommodated at various colleges in the city, but as most of the colleges are open it is a serious challenge before them. The college authorities will soon be approached in this regard. The forces on Sunday conducted route march in various parts of the city. The Kolkata police officers were guiding them while conducting the route march on Sunday afternoon. The route march was carried out in the districts. According to a senior official of the Election Commission, around 2,000 spots have been identified as a sensitive area where the route march is going on. The EC has been keeping an eye on the officials involved in the election process in the districts. The EC had already asked to transfer the officers who were posted in a particular place for many years. It has also been monitoring the use of money by the political parties during their campaign. The EC has already convened meeting with the senior Income tax officials in Delhi few days ago. The EC has taken various steps to conduct the polls in a smoother way. For this, various software and applications were introduced by the commission which will not only benefit the voters but also to the political parties to lodge a complaint with the commission.
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