Sino-Indian Literature forum to boost literary ties

Sino-Indian Literature forum to boost literary ties
The third Sino-Indian Literature Forum was held recently at Sahitya Akademi in the national Capital to foster literary exchanges between the two neighbouring countries.

In its third year, the forum seeks to connect publishing houses and writers from both the countries to facilitate cultural exchanges and get more literary material translated into each other’s languages.

“The Sino-Indian Literature Forum is an attempt to take the literary relationships between the two countries forward for better results,” K Sreenivasarao, Secretary, Sahitya Akademi said.

Every year a delegation from either country visits the other alternatively, to enhance the ties, he said. The forum saw litterateurs from both India and China, present papers on different aspects of literature. While the Indian writers talked about, “Non-Fiction: Recording History and Reality,” their Chinese counterparts deliberated on “The City and Countryside in Literature.” 

“Between the first and the third meeting, I am proud to say that our coordination and friendship has attempted to carry the diverse culture and literary traditions of our great countries to the other land, reaching crescendo in our mutual visits,” Rao said.

Pointing out the progress made on the literary front between India and China, he said, “The Chinese side have already translated Indian classics such as works of poet Surdas and Indians are also catching up fast.”  The Akademi is also looking forward to Chinese publishers taking up translating of newer Indian classics into Chinese, while their Indian counterparts translate modern Chinese classics into several Indian languages beginning with Hindi. 

“All through history we have been sharing knowledge with each other and have been in an uninterrupted cultural and literary exchange with the Chinese since the past three decades,” he said. Speaking on similar lines, He Jianming of Chinese Writers’ Association also noted the importance of such a forum in the betterment of both Indian and Chinese literature.

“This forum is significant not only for both Chinese and Indian writers but will also be better and significant for literary exchanges and friendships between the two nations,” Jianming said.


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