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Singur: FIR against 120 people who wrongfully took cheques

The state government will lodge an FIR against 120 people who took the cheques meant for others at the function held at Singur on Wednesday. The cheques were given to the unwilling farmers by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and her Cabinet colleagues. Altogether 806 cheques were distributed from the dais as well as from the camps.

After the function was over, it was found that 120 people had taken cheques that belonged to others. The state government decided to take legal action against them. The state government clarified on Thursday that it did not fix any fresh deadline to the Tata Motors to dismantle the structure.

The firm had constructed tin sheds and installed equipment to manufacture Nano. Some of the structures of Nano had been manufactured before the Tatas decided to leave Singur.

For the past one decade, the factory had remained closed and as some people were found to loiter there, the state government had issued a notification saying that no outsider will be allowed at the site. 

Earlier, Banerjee had said that Tatas should dismantle the sheds within a week. It was decided on Thursday that Singur movement will be included in the curriculum of history which will be taught in 
Classes IX and X. It was a movement which was not organised under the flag of any political party. Also, the farmers played a major role in organising the movement and refused to bow down in front of the reign of terror unleashed by the CPI(M).

Fourteen farmers sacrificed their lives during the movement. CPI(M) cadres raped and burnt Tapasi Mallick to death. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had said on Wednesday that Singur would play 
a major role in the history of peasant movement not only in the country but in the whole world.

Medha Patkar had said that the struggle which had been put up by the farmers would inspire those who would fight against illegal acquisition of farm land for many years to come.

It has not been decided whether one full chapter would be devoted to the movement or it will be a part of a chapter in the curriculum.
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