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Single women struggle to run daily chores

Amid severe cash crunch as a result of note ban, women in the city have been significantly affected. In their efforts to run the daily chores, there seem to be unprecedented troubles that they are coming across every day, for example, at grocery shops or small provision stores, at vegetable markets, with auto fares and even to pay parking charges. 

Meeting these needs has become a challenge for those women who live alone and have few contacts in the city to lend them money. A large number of them, especially single women and working professionals who are not used to e-payments, face the brunt. “I am deeply upset as I have not been able to withdraw cash. I have to pay for rent and food and cannot see how I will manage things as I don’t have enough money,” said Neelima Jain, a resident of Mukherjee Nagar. “I have tried visiting all the ATMs near my house and near my workplace but could not find even one functional ATM with money,” she added.

Hridyanka Bajaj, working at a school in Model Town said: “The positive impact may be seen later but right now I am facing huge cash crisis and struggling to survive in this city. I am frustrated. I live alone and cannot ask for money from anyone. I do not have enough money to run the household chores. After demonetisation my salary is delayed. I am not able to manage things.”

It is the womenfolk who manage the house after their husbands leave for work. Small household expenditures rest on the women. It might range from getting a medical check-up done for their children to other daily needs. “The frustration faced by common man and women seems never-ending. “My family died in a road accident 4 years ago and since then I live alone. I was managing well till the currency ban. Post demonetisation, I am left helpless. I had to leave my job of a receptionist because of the cash crunch in my company. I am finding it extremely hard to find a new one,” said Monika, a resident of Roop Nagar.
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