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Singapore wages war against mosquitoes, suspected Zika cases reach 50

Singapore clinics on Monday reported more Zika infections, bringing the suspected total to 50, as mosquito-fighting teams saturated the scene of the outbreak. Inspectors from the National Environment Agency checking for mosquito-breeding sites visited homes in the eastern Aljunied Crescent district where 41 cases – mostly foreign workers at a condominium project – have been confirmed. 

Nearly all have recovered but nine more suspected cases of infection – both citizens and foreign workers – were reported by two community clinics on Monday, local media said. These cases were also in Aljunied.

Zika causes mild symptoms for most people such as fever and rash, and has been detected in 58 countries, particularly Brazil. But in pregnant women, it can cause microcephaly, a deformation in which babies are born with abnormally small brains and heads. 
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