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Silent march taken out for Aabesh

A silent march for ‘Justice for Aabesh’ was taken out on the road on Saturday evening from Lake Avenue to Hazra connector returning back to Lake Avenue, in the doorstep of Aabesh’s residence.

A candlelight, posters of Aabesh and ‘justice for Aabesh’ banners were seen in the march, taken through streets by his well-wishers. Many luminaries of the society, the technicians of the Tollywood, boys and girls and children with their parents were also present.

However, Rimjhim Dasgupta, mother of Aabesh, his grandmother Krishna Paul and other family members were overwhelmed by the response of the march, mainly organised by neighbours, civil society and people from different walks of lives.

Although, the bereaved mother of Aabesh could not participate in the march, they were right there in front of their door step, from the start and till the end.

The students from different schools lit candles, made the posters, wrote the slogans and drew the pictures for the march. They were accompanied by their parents. Most of them were reluctant to express their opinion on the incident.

There were many luminaries, who had come to join in the march. Classical singer and musician Rashid Khan was seen matching till the end. “I want justice. I have been following this incident in the television and newspapers for some days. I am with the family of the boy. I want the bereaved mother to get justice,” said Khan.

Educationist Miratun Nahar, however, said: “It can clearly be seen that the justice being denied here. There was no such concrete evidence that the boy was dead in an accident but it was presented in a way that his death looked like an accident. My question is how anybody can say that it was an accident, when the CCTV footage is not complying the case.”

Painter Samir Aich was also among those people who were with Aabesh’s family. “I cannot see the face of the bereaved mother. She is crying for justice. I am confident that police will not deny her justice. I have faith on the state administration, that the truth will come out,” Aich said.

The grandmother of Aabesh, Krishna Paul could not hold back her tears. “I am overwhelmed by the participation. This march is aiming for justice of Aabesh. This is not arranged by us. The people outside our family have arranged this. I am really grateful to these people,” she said.

Actor Samrat Mukherjee, who was family friend of Aabesh’s family, was also seen in the march. “I am someone who has seen the boy growing up. He was a really decent boy. But recently I had read some Facebook post against this tragic incident. I felt really sad about those posts. Aabesh’s father Santanu Paul was my close friend. I used to come to birthday party of Aabesh’s mother. They were very fun loving happy family,” Mukherjee said.

Painter Wasim Kapoor also wants justice for Aabesh. “This incident is really heart-wrenching. I want speedy justice, so that the bereaved mother can have a little peace,” the painter said.

However, three more friends of Aabesh were called up to the Lalbazar for interrogation just a day after his mother and grandmother met Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee at her residence. The Chief Minister has given them assurance for justice.
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