Siblings found living with 4-day-old corpse of father

In a macabre incident, the daughter and son of a 70-year-old man were found living with the decomposed body of their father for the past four days in their house near City Centre at Durgapur in Burdwan.

It may be recalled that a 40-year-old man Partha De had lived with the corpse of his sister for 6-long months on Robinson Street and it came to light after their father committed suicide by setting himself on fire in the house.

Police said 79-year-old Karunamoy Dutta, was a former employee of an Ispat Company and he had died four days ago.

Investigation revealed that Dutta used to live in the house along with his wife Manisha Dutta, daughter Swastika and son Sandip.

On the night of March 6 Manisha fell ill and had to be admitted to a local hospital. Karunamoy, who was also suffering from various ailments, had passed away a day after his wife was admitted to the hospital.

Local people had not seen Sandip and Swastika coming out of their house for the past four days. 

None was found entering their house as well. The main entrance used to remain closed day in and day out.

Police came to know that they used to keep track on their mother’s health by contacting a doctor over phone.

On Friday morning local people got foul smell from their house and knocked on the main door. 

They even called by the name of Sandip and Swastika to understand whether anyone was inside.

They informed the policemen in City Centre outpost as no one responded from inside the house. The police rushed to the house. Instead of breaking open the door the police knocked on the door. Some local youth shouted saying that police has come and asked anyone, if present to open the door.

After around 15 minutes, Sandip opened the door. But he remained silent when police asked that who else was inside. The policemen entered the house and found the decomposed body of Dutta. Swastika was sitting near the decomposed body.

Police came to know after speaking to some neighbours that Swastika was a teacher in a school. But she had quit the job a few years ago.

The police sent the body for an autopsy. “Both of them are in a traumatised state. So it was not possible to speak to them right at this moment. But it is important to speak to them to know the exact reason for which they had preserved the corpse,” a senior police officer said adding that they are also trying to get in touch with some of their relatives to know more about the family.
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