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Showcasing flavours of south

Showcasing flavours of south
The on-going exhibition at Art Spice, Of Masters and Heroes, is not genre-specific or medium-specific art work. It’s a collaboration of six South Indian artistes. C Dakshinamoorthy, Pon Ragunathan and P Perumal are masters of modern art, while A Viswam, N Manoharan and P Gnana's art work has more of contemporary touch. We spoke to them during the exhibition, read on...

What is the inspiration behind the show?
Our inspiration behind this exhibition are our different experiences in life. We have demonstrated our emotions on the canvas. Our art work talks about relationships, bonds of various kinds like sometimes it’s mother-child or in other paintings it’s goat and human. The abstract paintings from A Viswam are about nature, while artist P Perumal and Pon Ragunathan’s works showcase folk subjects. 

Tell us how the sculptures by P Gnana are made?
Gnana: I go for recycled materials like auto-mobile parts. My basic intention is not to destroy the character and maintain authenticity. I bring that material to my studio and then see which part goes well. 

Any incident or moment you want to share with us regarding this exhibition?
During this exhibition, we have learnt a lot from each other. Be it A Viswam’s randomness or P Gnana’s perfection, we have developed a new way of art, a new perception. For an artiste, each and every exhibition is different as it teaches him a lot about himself.

What are your expectations from visitors and art industry?
It has been a very emotional experience for us. So, we want people to come, enjoy our work, and celebrate art. In fact, our main motive behind keeping some works untitled in this exhibition is that we want people to come up with their own interpretations. Regarding art sector, we can say that we have showcased techniques and authentic flavour of South and we would be glad if art fraternity enjoys that.

Anything else that you want to add or share with us?
All of us have come together with an intention to showcase the true flavour of South. There is a clear reflection South Indian art. But deep inside, we want that when art lovers look at our paintings, they realise that our intention is to showcase purity and chastity.
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