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Shouldn’t have been made

We wonder what the point is when a Spanish film is ripped off plot by plot and transformed into an absolute monstrosity of a Bollywood film that has neither the erotic thrill, nor the spooks or the chills and neither the gravity of plot.

La cara Oculta (The Hidden Face)
becomes an unceremonious Murder 3 and leaves the audience cringing and often laughing out loud in the middle of an apparently serious dialogue. We tried not to laugh, it was almost absurdly impossible.

Photographer Vikram (Randeep Hooda with a ridiculous hairdo) and his girlfriend Roshni (Aditi Rao Hydari) are happy cavorting in South Africa till the man lands a plum job oppurtunity in India and the lady leaves it all and moves countries with him bag and baggage.

The high-profile photographer has his share of female attention (no one seems to mind his terrible looks) and this leaves Roshni terribly insecure. And one fine day she leaves a recorded message for Vikram on a camera and falls off the map. The distraught Vikram drinks himself silly and falls in the arms of waitress Nisha (Sara Loren) who almost immediately agrees to move into his palatial and now creepy mansion.

While we still search for logic in that, Nisha starts hearing strange noises from the taps, gets scalded by hot water in the shower and an ex-boyfriend cop gets on the case — Roshni’s disappearance, Vikram’s involvement and of course Nisha’s safety. And the much awaited whodunnit is on it’s way.

We sincerely hoped after a point that Vishesh Bhatt would have been locked in before he commited such nuisance and someone hid the key in a better place than dropping it in a potted plant. The plot is terribly disjointed, the histrionics border very close to ludicrous and the absurd and the songs are all over the place and so terribly uneccessary. The Murder franchise has always has hit songs, but we so wish that the soundtrack and the sequences had some coherance about them.

Bhatt does not bother to explain certain incidents or behaviour traits in the actors or even the sexual tension and the animosity. The audience are left wanting for something that thrills.

Randeep Hooda’s acting makes you cringe. He was so much better in Jism 2. Aditi Rao Hydari is considerably more natural but her talents are pitiously wasted. The worst of the lot is Sara Loren. No brownie points for her. She cannot act, she cannot look sexy and she doesn’t even bother to try. The complete brainless role that she lives through, ocassionally screaming, panting or making out with the hero, hurts the eye and the ears. And her exceedingly trashy wardrobe does not help either. Sorry. Better luck next time.

We are almost pushed to believe Emraan Hashmi was the Murder franchise’s saving grace. Bhatt should either up the act or shut shop.
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