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Should not leave ‘saffron’ in the hands of BJP: Yogendra Yadav

Should not leave ‘saffron’ in the hands of BJP: Yogendra Yadav
In an interview with Siddheshwar Shukla, he also argues that the NDMC (New Delhi Municipal Council) and DCB (Delhi Cantonment Board) areas should be carved out from Delhi and be declared as the new union Territory.


During the celebration of its landslide victory, AAP’s head office was decorated only with white and green balloons, while the saffron colour was missing. What is your reaction?
We should not leave saffron in the hands of BJP. Saffron is our national colour. It is one of the colours of the Tri-colour. We equally respect all the three colours of the national flag. It’s not the colour of any political party, religion or organisation. I used to ask my friends not to use saffron as a synonym for any party or organisation.

AAP is viewed by some as a party of hardcore Leftists. How will you define the political ideology?
We have some elements of the Left wing but we are not Leftists. We recognise the poor and promise to make their lives better but we don’t believe in class-struggle. We never instigate poor against the rich. We are opposed to taking everything under public sector and also welcome the corporates to work with us.

Isn’t it like saying if a corporate helps AAP it is good and it helps any other political party, it becomes crony capitalism?
We only oppose crony capitalism. There are many good businessmen and corporate who want to work in a fair manner. The government should act as facilitator equally for all the corporate sectors willing to do business as they bring jobs and contribute towards the growth of the country.

AAP has emerged as a voice against anti-Modi politics. Will it join Third Front?
We will never join any third front, fourth front or left. You should understand why we came into existence. We are an anti-political establishment. People are sick and tired of the current political system. The present day political parties are nothing but an arrangement of convenience and they have failed to live upto the expectations of the people.

What is next after Delhi?
In the long term (3-4 years), we want to be recognised as a principal force in the national politics. In the medium term (next two years) we want to emerge as the main political force in four states.

Don’t you think that the Delhi government is heading for a confrontation with the Centre on the issue of full statehood?
I don’t think the Centre will ignore such a huge mandate. We want three things — law & order and Delhi Police, DDA and land, and MCD under Delhi government. The central government should separate NDMC (Lutyens’ zone) and Delhi Cantonment Board from Delhi government and declare it as a union territory. We agree that the NDMC and DCB areas can’t be put under Delhi Police if it is put under the state government. The areas should be declared as Union Territory.
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