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Shopping Spree or Addiction?

Shopping Spree or Addiction?
I have a boyfriend. We are in MBA. I meet his mother at his place and feel that she doesn’t like me. How to tackle this?
Divya, New Delhi

- If you two are happy and together, nothing should matter. If it is just a feeling you have, I sincerely suggest – take it slow. With <g data-gr-id="71">time</g> things will settle. Time will also heal and ease. Be decent, polite and respectful to your friend’s family. Give everything its due time and good will surely become better.  

I am getting addicted to internet shopping. How to put a stop to this! Help!
D Venu, Noida

- When you have realised your weakness, I’m sure you are gradually curbing the desire to e-shop. This has to be <g data-gr-id="74">self driven</g>, just like most things under the planet. Each time you are getting allured, try and browse other things of your interest. As an alternative, just log off and take a walk. Refrain from visiting shopping portals. Let your consciousness rule and help you stay away from <g data-gr-id="72">these addiction</g>. Best wishes!

I’ve just returned from Chennai where I did my graduation. After I returned, I feel very alone here.  I feel completely out of place.
Vikas, Orissa

- Probably the place you left has left a strong impression on your mind. The independence of staying alone, the freedom of being your own guardian gave you peace. Try to engage yourself in some work that will occupy your mind. Take up a job you like doing and get busy with life. 

Check out for a couple of months and if you still feel uneasy, you can relocate back to Chennai or any other place of your choice! One life, don’t compromise on small things. 

I’m too shy to propose! What can I do?
Aadil, New Delhi

- Try any of these: Write a letter to her – be honest. Don’t try to be too poetic. Be a little funny. Be yourself. Maybe you can even express your nervousness. Don’t forget to embrace your shyness. Girls sometimes find it cute.  

- Or, make a video. Use a simple video editor. Make it interesting, funny and add surprises. Describe how you feel about her – the joy, the thrill, the excitement. Point down every little detail you like about her. Describe how you feel, whenever you think about her. Be romantic and honest. 

- Make it into a blog. After you’ve written for enough days, just give her the link, I’m sure she’ll be surprised. More power to you, dear!

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