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Shoot at sight

The tagline of this movie was Ab Mard ko Dard Hoga. Hua, am sure, dard humein bhi hua (we got hurt too). Frankly, I went to watch Revolver Rani with a LOT of expectations. The movie had some strong actors (Kangna Ranaut and Piyush Mishra) and the story seemed interesting. After Queen, Ranaut proved that she is not an actor to be taken lightly. The lady takes on an unconventional role with ease and strolls through it with complete élan.

Alka Singh aka Revolver Rani is your Chambal’s Robin Hood of sorts. She wears her political clout and her trigger happy sensibilities on her sleeve and bats for those who have been wronged (in this case some poor tribals who were uprooted from their land by the erstwhile minister in power. Alka’s Achilles Heel is Rohan Kapoor (Vir Das) - a struggler from Bollywood who wants to use Alka’s money and power to get himself a plum project. Alka is guided by Balli Mama (Piyush Mishra) who has her best interests in mind...well almost. 

All is fair in the hinterland till Rohan is kidnapped and brought back to Chambal by Alka’s opponents and all hell breaks loose and then Revolver Rani goes on a wild goose chase screeching to a halt at an ending which makes you go - ‘Meh!’

Revolver Rani  starts off as a lot of fun but somewhere just after the interval the movie seems to lose the plot. It drags and you really wish there was a fast forward button somewhere. It feels like the director wanted to make a great toungue-in-cheek flick full of sarcastic excesses of guns, alcohol, jungli jawaani and metal bras from Bhenice (Venice) but gets bored (like the most of us) after an hour and steers the story towards a greater cause (which makes things bad). It is not necessary that every movie must come with a message (though Alka is wronged by all the men in her life). Hope Sai Kabir is listening!

Ranaut stands out as Alka, she is brash, bold (for the want of a better word) and incredible fun. Her transformation from a gun-loving dacoit to a woman (albeit for only a little while) is fascinating. Laugh at her or laugh with her, you cannot ignore Revolver Rani. Das pulls off a good act as Rohan and Mishra is as usual impeccable as Balli Mama. A special mention for the news anchor in the film, she has the best lines.

Revolver Rani comes with a great music score as well. But frankly, am not over the moon with this one. Watch it because I hear Kaanchi is worse. And the 2.5 is for Kangna and Piyush Mishra - only. 
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