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Shocker! 47% minors raped till August 31, police on alert

In around 97 per cent of the total cases registered with the Delhi Police, the accused is known to the victim. On an average, two rape cases, involving minors, are registered daily.

According to a data provided by the Delhi Police, at least 47 per cent of the rape victims this year are minors, of which most of them had not reached puberty. Around 22 per cent of the victims are aged below seven years. Around 38 per cent of the victims are aged between 7 and 12 years and 40 per cent are teenagers.

It has been learnt that in maximum child rape cases (approximately 84 per cent), the accused come from BPL (below the poverty line) families.

Till August 31, 1,489 rape cases were registered. These includes both minor and adult victims. Most of the incidents remain unreported as parents are pressured by social stigma and feel that if they report about it to the police, then court proceedings will take more than a decade. 

A senior official of Joint Commissioner rank said: “It is very difficult for the police to check crimes, where the accused persons are known to the victims and their families. In such cases, parents need to be alert. Most importantly, the mindset of the accused must be changed. But this cannot happen in a short span and it will take years.”

Another officer said in maximum cases, it was found  that the accused did not plan the act and committed the offence either by kidnapping a child or luring her to his house or a desolate place.

“Some think that if they rape girls aged below five years, she will not be able to realise what has happened with her. Also, there is a high possibility that the victim won’t disclose the crime to her parents. Besides, if the accused is unknown, she will not be able to identify him,” the officer added. 

Moreover, those aged below five years are mostly not aware of good touch and bad touch. To put a check on rape cases among minors, the Delhi Police have started educating children about ‘touch’. They have collaborated with schools, where children are being given sexual education.

Reshma Singh, who counsels survivors of child abuse, said, “Sex offending of children is a compulsive activity. If a perpetrator abuses one child, there are high chances of him continuing to perpetrate against other children. There should be treatment facility for offenders, rather than just getting them arrested.”

Marred childhood
  Around 22% of the victims are aged below seven years
  38% are between the aged between 7 and 12 years
  40% victims are teenagers
   In 84% cases, accused come from BPL families
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