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Sheen Shitty

Why do you think Charlie Sheen is doing all that he is doing for Lindsay Lohan? The $100,000 loan and the rehab advice? Simple, silly. He is doing her every which way you can imagine in return. This way, that way, on the bed, outside it, till ghosts of his girlfriends past rise to reclaim him.

Do away with the last bit about the ghost girlfriends and that is how the movie starts. Charlie and Lindsay, playing each other, play with each other. Then there is spoof of Paranormal Activity and the scene shifts to this new house where couple Jody and Dan (Ashley Tisdale and Simon Rex) witness all kinds of occurrences that are neither funny nor scary.

As ghosts, apes and nannies throw excreta at each other and everywhere else, shit literally hits the ceiling. And you wonder why anyone in their right senses would make a movie like this. Even the popcorn-munching Punjabi couple sitting next to me seemed angry at the loss of time and ticket money.

There is spoof of almost every other scary movie you might have seen in the past few years and even some non-scary ones like Rise of the Apes and Inception.

Have to admit though that the guy spoofing Leonardo Di Caprio did manage to bring out a few laughs in the two-hour yawn-soshan of a movie. There is also this one rather inappropriate scene about a black man in sharp suit being compared to a smart ape which I found rather funny.

It’s sad how Sheen and Snoop Lion are wasted in the movie. Lindsay Lohan looks more stoned than Snoop. She needs to go right back to that rehab. And take this movie’s makers with her for company.
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