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Shed the flab, but in style

Shed the flab, but in style
The idea for this book was conceived in her mind several years ago when she first started her practice as a ‘wellness specialist’. ‘Three out of five of my clients were from the corporate arena and it saddened me to see intelligent minds being bogged down by excess weight and medical concerns, failing to reach their full potential,’ said Jain.

At times we all feel stressed, exhausted and a sudden dip in energy levels, but all of these symptoms are the effects of odd work timings and unhealthy eating habits. Also, it increases chances of acquiring heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and breathing problems. Jain’s book offers simple solutions to combat stress and anxiety like, sleeping it off, ditching drastic meals, quitting smoking among others.

‘Being a working woman, I fully understand the pitfalls of the workplace. The book will help the reader to be back on the road to good health and improved productivity with tips like eating meals at regular time, carrying a healthy snack, listening to relaxing music or going for a walk to bust stress,’ she added.

Now, how can we forget about the sleepless nights we spend fretting about the work deadline, household chores or simply not being able to catch a wink. Many people suffer from disturbed sleep due to job stress, shift timings at work or jet lag. This makes them high-strung and edgy and affects their day-to-day routines and functions.

According to Jain the remedies are simple. ‘A warm bath, a milky drink, the right temperature in your room, a light massage … are perfect ingredients for a good night’s sleep.’

For that looking good part, there’s only one answer, exercise. Jain said, ‘Exercise, besides being a great stress buster, also expends surplus energy and also induce sleep. People should not indulge in sedentary lifestyles but should be indulged in some kind of physical work out.’

For the one’s who can not control themselves when there is food in front of them she simply advice’s ‘If your weight gain is driving you to stay off every kind of indulgence, stop. Allow yourself a tiny treat once in a while,’ she said.

‘Don’t go for that whole bar of chocolate; settle for a square or two. It will make you happier without taking you away from your weight loss target,’ Jain quips.
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