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Shame City: BJP leader attacked on Delhi road

BJP’s national general secretary Vani Tripathi was allegedly assaulted by five men, who were in a Scorpio SUV, near Savitri cinema in Greater Kailash II on Thursday.

‘I was coming back after a meeting in Vasant Vihar around 9.30 pm when my car was hit by a Scorpio in GK,’ Tripathi said. ‘They (the five men) were drunk. They tried to pull me out. The road was packed with cars. But none of the passers-by came for help,’ she said. Tripathi said her driver showed courage and pushed them away.

‘My driver locked me inside the car and countered them. I called the police but their arrival got delayed because of the traffic,’ she added. ‘I fear what would have happened if my driver was not present.’

She added three men deflated the tyres of her car. ‘They gestured at me and passed lewd comments,’ she added. ‘In the mean time, I managed to make a call to police control room but by the time a PCR van reached the spot, they managed to escape. Though, my driver made efforts to stop them, they pushed him aside and ran away,’ she added.

An official of south Delhi’s CR Park police station, who is investigating the case, said, ‘The victim has not registered any case against the five men. She has only given a written statement. She provided us the registration number of the Scorpio and we are trying to trace the owner.’

When Tripathi was asked the reason behind her decision not to register a case, she said, ‘The men seemed poor. I was shocked they were driving an SUV. The driver wore a pair of torn jeans with no slippers. There is a possibility they might have stolen the car or it belongs to someone else.’

She added she didn’t want poor people to go through police investigation.
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