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Shakeel remark: Rahul warns party men, Jaitley tears into Congress

Under attack from the BJP, the Congress on Monday distanced itself from the remark made by party general secretary Shakeel Ahmed.
Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi sent out a warning that those who go beyond the party line will face action.

‘Spokespersons and panelists may have their individual views, but as party spokespersons and panelists you have to be within party line. Those who go beyond will be noticed and action will be taken,’ Gandhi said while inaugurating a meeting of party spokesmen and panelists in the capital.
Gandhi’s warning came on a day when the party disapproved of the remarks of Ahmed and party MP Rashid Masood that the 2002 Gujarat riots had led to the formation of the terror outfit Indian Mujahideen (IM).

Gandhi also wanted partymen to be ‘very decent’ in language at a time when the trend of indecent language was catching up on the social media. ‘We cannot do that. We are the party of Mahatma Gandhi,’ he asserted.

On the other hand, charging the Congress with trying to communalise the 2014 elections, BJP leader Arun Jaitley on Monday said the ruling party ‘is doing so to deflect the agenda as it is faced with both the crisis of governance and lack of leadership.’

Jaitley wrote on his blog, ‘A Congress party spokesperson went to the extraordinary extent of rationalising the formation and existence of the IM. Congress spokesman has sought to re-write history.  His effort is to somehow paint the IM as an organisation of the aggrieved who are victims of riots in Gujarat.  He ignores the international context and Pakistan’s strategy behind the creation of Indian Mujahideen.’

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