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Shahrukh Khan likely to attend launch of ‘Experience Bengal’ at Bengal Business Summit

The first set of advertisements for the ‘Experience Bengal’ campaign will be rereleased in upcoming Bengal Global Business Summit 2017 (BGBS), scheduled for January 20-21.

Actor Shahrukh Khan will feature in the advertisements and he is likely to attend the launch of the campaign at the BGBS. The state Tourism department is now leaving no stone unturned to prepare the ad campaign before the summit kicks off.

Bengal Tourism recently revealed its new campaign ‘Experience Bengal’. There was a concerted effort by the entire Tourism department to give a makeover to the state under the regime of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. 

Bengal Tourism has been quite visible in domestic and international arena nowadays. Due to its continuous aggressive campaigning and innovative presentations, Bengal is in the league of internationally popular tourist spots. To take on a new identity, the word ‘Beautiful’ was replaced with ‘Experience’ in its motto, as Bengal Tourism feels it would be incorrect to identify the state only with its places of attractions. Rather, visiting Bengal should be a complete experience for any traveller.

The use of the tagline ‘The sweetest part of India’ is not only to emphasise on Bengal’s fame and glory for its sweetmeats, but to highlight the humility and sweetness of the people in welcoming international tourists. Friendliness and homeliness of the Bengalis is going to be the USP of the ‘Experience Bengal’ campaign in the coming days, says an official press note from the Department of Tourism.

The department has come out with nine prominent areas which tourists could find interesting, which will have detailed information on accommodation, booking and other essentials in the website. The distribution of pamphlets describing the places and opportunities are on.

The Himalayas, pilgrimage, forests, mangroves, historical places, cultural hotspots, weekend getaways, fancy dining and special attractions – these are the many areas that tourists can marvel upon. They can also avail facilities, including prior hotel booking.

Tourism department officers have also been working hard to promote tourism in Bengal through their website and social networking sites. Bengal has a very unique geographical location and diversity and is adorned by hills, the sea and forests – something unique among all states.

The government had realised that time had come for Bengal to be given a new look to give tourism a head-start. To compete with other states and international stalwarts, the Tourism department employed Ogilvy & Mather (O&M) to shape the project and come up with something very unique.

The world-renowned advertising agency has many successful tourism campaign feathers in their hat, namely Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Kerala, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and many others. Moreover, a host of tourism specialists who promote Bengal in the international market came on board to advice on the matter during the creative process. The finalised new logo is now featured in all promotional and marketing collaterals.

Along with mountains, forests and sea, the ‘experience’ will include quintessential Bengali culture, cuisine, religion, handicraft, history and lifestyle. All these are nowadays considered essential parts of modern experiential tourism worldwide. This is a very important strategic change on the part of government’s tourism vision. In addition, the way ‘Experience Bengal’ has been designed shows how Bengal Tourism wants to project its vision of heritage, unique natural beauty, cultural plurality and sustainable development.
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