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Shaharyar hints at stepping down in Aug

The chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has indicated he might step down on August 20 after completing two years in office. “Mind you I have taken no final decision as yet on whether I will step down or continue but when I was initially appointed as chairman, the patron in chief gave me a two-year tenure which ends on August 20th,” PCB chief Shaharyar Khan told PTI on Sunday.

Khan minced no words in expressing his disappointment at the prevailing cricket culture in Pakistan. 
“It is disappointing and drags you down that every time the team does not do well the knives are out for the board officials. If anything after the World T20, Sri Lanka who were the defending champions, Australia and England should all have been more disappointed than us at not performing well in the event. But in Pakistan the board is held responsible for everything,” he said.

Khan said people needed to understand the board was there to facilitate the players, improve the cricket structure and earn revenues for cricket development and players.

“We can only make the best appointments of technocrats the rest is up to them we can only facilitate them and we have been doing that regularly. If the team is not performing how can you hold board officials responsible for something the players and coaches are supposed to deliver,” he said. Khan made it clear he never craved for the job of PCB chairman. “I lead a quiet retired life and I enjoy teaching assignments. I didn’t need this job as I had already headed the board and I don’t take any salary. but two years back when cricket matters had gone to the Supreme Court the prime minister and Najam Sethi told me to come in and I initially agreed only for a year. But they told me I should be there for atleast two years as one year was not enough to get things done,” he said.
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