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‘Shah Rukh and I will never be friends’

A lot has been written about the famous fight that Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan got into one night in the presence of Aamir Khan and other heavyweights from the industry. Salman's recent Ramadan greetings to Shah Rukh have also been discussed threadbare in the media as a gesture of reconciliation.

On the latest season of Koffee With Karan, Salman, sounding slightly wistful, admitted that he will never see Shah Rukh the way he used to before.

‘Two guys got along fine and one night they didn't, he (Shah Rukh) could have come to me the same night and finished it (the fight) off and he chose not to. He passes my house four or five times every day, he could have just come and rung the doorbell,’ Salman told host Karan Johar in the debut episode of the season. Salman said he held SRK in deep respect and defended him to those who tried to create a rift between the two.

‘If people think they can bitch about him and win brownie points, they are very wrong. Because I spent a lot of time with him we may not see eye to eye, but I have really liked the guy. If people think they can speak bad about him and get away with it, I don't permit that at all,’ he said.

Salman said he will keep the memories he had of better times. ‘I realise we'll never be best of friends again but I have a lot of respect for him. I really loved that guy, he's like a younger brother, since I came (to Bollywood) in first and he's my sister's friend and Sangita's (Bijlani) friend. God has given him a lot, mashallah, he doesn't need me and I don't need him. I will keep those memories.’
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