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‘Sex is vital, but not more important than love’

‘Sex is vital, but not more important than love’
My best friend is going around with a girl who is 3 years older than him. I have got information that she is a characterless woman and has many boyfriends! He’s not believing me. What should I do?
Ajay, New Delhi

I appreciate your concern. But how are you so sure about the girl’s character? There are chances that she is having a genuine ‘love’ affair with your friend. I suggest, be an observer. Be protective about your friend but not possessive! Let him explore and realise life and love his own way. Be around for him but follow a simple policy - live and let live!

I have recently found out that my father is associated with a lot of models. They exchange very erotic messages too! I’m disturbed. Should I tell my mother?
Sunny, Gujarat

Well, you can ask your father about this directly. See his reaction and then take a call. Telling your mother will hurt her and this can be avoided right now. Your father surely needs to know that you are aware of his ‘other’ side. I suggest you tell him that you have come to know about this from a few friends rather than disclosing the truth. As he might be alert and delete ‘evidence’ from the phone forever. Don’t be hyper, handle it well and see the results. Good luck!

My elder sister’s fiancé is showing his love interest towards me! He’s claiming that he loves me and not her! What to do?

Taara Singvi, Uttar Pradesh
Taara, please be transparent with your sister and tell her everything. Don’t let the guy mess up the relationship and faith between two siblings. Let your sister take it up with her fiancé and be firm that you are not interested at all! This is a sensitive situation and I hope you’ll will sort it out soon!

Group sex and swapping partners, how good or bad is it?
Vinnie, Delhi

Vinnie, it’s the couple’s decision. It all depends on the faith, trust and understanding they share. Sex is vital but not more important than love and marriage. Sharing one’s partner with another man/woman requires a mindset that probably not too many people from this part of the world have. But, in the West there are Swingers clubs where this is very common! As long as the bond between you two remains unaffected, you can experiment life and its colours. It seems sometimes swapping and group sex strengthens the bond too! Enjoy life but play safe!

How important is horoscope matching for a match making? Please advise.
Mrs. Talwar, Haryana

For some it is mandatory, for others it is vague. Personally speaking, for an arranged marriage you can try doing this as you have the option to choose from a platter of prospective partners. A lot of marriages sail well even without the interference of astrology and a lot break even though their horoscopes looked positive together. Marriage as a bond requires much more than just planets predicting a positive future. Wish you the very best!

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