Served with love

Served with love
As a staunch follower of the ongoing season of MasterChef Australia, I was elated to have been invited to an event where chefs at the Olive Bar & Kitchen recreated some lip smacking dishes from the MasterChef kitchen. 

This unique event, invited an exclusive online community of people who are passionate for 
food and some who are just die hard food lovers. I, being one of them, felt delighted to have witnessed this unique gourmet experience for once.

Drawing inspiration from five techniques seen on MasterChef Australia like aerate, molecular, sous vide, roulade and deconstruction, Chef Sujan Sarkar created five amazing amuse-bouche dishes to bring the gourmet experience alive through these techniques. 

The dishes that the trail blazing chef chose to demonstrate, before an eager and enthusiastic group of foodies, were nothing less than heaven. 

Easy but fancy looking dishes, often requiring nothing more than a wok and a few ingredients, were extremely healthy and could be conjured up in a jiffy.

“At Olive Bar & Kitchen, we constantly push the boundaries of cuisine keeping in mind the affinity our guests have towards gourmet food and new culinary trends that has grown extensively in India. Our chefs constantly discover new techniques and present them to the discerning diner and this event is an extension of the same,” said A D Singh, MD Olive.

Anjali Batra, Founder of Food Talk India, on the evolution of food in India, said: “A true culinary journey – over the years – MasterChef Australia has changed not only the way we eat, but also the way we think and speak about food. Our palette has evolved as we got exposed to all these wonderful ingredients, gourmet cooking techniques and some of the most amazing chefs. 

Today, we #SpeakGourmet. Inspired by some of these techniques, we took our guests on an exciting MasterChef inspired journey with an amuse-bouche to five techniques as seen on the show, bringing gourmet to their plate.”

As with every session, this too ended with a buffet featuring all the recipes taught by the Chef. As I was leaving the venue I could hear everyone enquiring about when the next session was going to be held which spoke volumes about the popularity of this highly successful initiative. 

The evening, sure was a resounding success with the guests enjoying the food and speaking gourmet all through the night.
Neha Jain Kale

Neha Jain Kale

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