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Sepp Blatter defiant as top sponsors demand resignation

 Top FIFA sponsors joined forces to demand Sepp Blatter’s immediate resignation on Friday, dealing a fresh blow to the scandal-tainted world football chief even as he vowed to cling to power.

In separate statements issued one week after criminal proceedings were launched against Blatter in Switzerland, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Visa and Budweiser all called on the 79-year-old to step down.

It marked the first time that FIFA’s powerful financial backers – who together have pumped hundreds of millions of dollars into the organization through deals spanning decades – had called explicitly for Blatter to resign.

In a statement issued by his US lawyer in reaction to the sponsor demands, Blatter defiantly vowed to remain in office.

But the US-based sponsors said Blatter’s position was now untenable in the wake of the corruption scandal that has plunged world football into <g data-gr-id="14">it’s</g> worst-ever crisis. 
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